Monday, 2 February 2015

Equal Terms

Who Are We?

Derek Boak - Vocals & Guitar
Steve White - Vocals & Bass Guitar
Mick Cooper - Guitar
Howard Morris - Drums/Percussion
Mick Bennett - Drums/percussion

What Do We Do?

Previously known as Next to Nothing and more recently Shot in the Dark we are reverting to the name we used for 4-piece covers gigs in the 1990's.

Our many friends from the past 30 years of gigs will recognise some of the rock, soul and blues covers in the current set. We also hope you will like the newer additions.

And when the venue is suitable we'll throw in a few of Derek's original songs for good measure. See the set-list for details.

Check out the jump-cut medley from a recent pub gig: 10 songs in 13 minutes!

More details/gigs etc: contact Mick C -

Videos from the Lankykats gig pictured below (thanks to Bill Hart):